fine Jewelry made for your Soul 

Experience fine jewelry uniquely made for your soul from the bottom of our hearts. 

Enjoy our curated jewelry designs crafted with soul in Hamburg. Explore the Endless Heart jewelry collection with our signature piece: the pure and only CHUNK OF LOVE talisman in the shape of the anatomical heart. Experience jewelry that is carefully designed to create meaning.

The New Chunk of Love in 750 finegold

The New Chunk of Love with a sparkling diamond

The New Chunk of Love in 935 silver

The New Chunk of Love - Choose your precious metal and your individual precious stone

Endless Heart

Discover the signature Chunk of Love talisman in combination with a curated selection of bold and delicate chains.

Something Borrowed

Proud to present: Follow a growing collection of handcrafted jewelry to rent for special occasions.

Something New

All eyes on sustainably ressourced fine jewelry in gold and silver designed for special occasions or a highlight in your daily life. 

Our jewelry is carefully crafted in our studio as well as in collaboration with a renowned goldsmithing company in the South of Germany. 

Our brand ethic focuses on sustainably ressourced materials such as recycled silver and washed gold for our finegold jewelry pieces. 

We create delicate and powerful statement jewelry designs that accompany your heart and soul or let you shine on a special occasion.

The Chunk of Love - The special thing about love is that it grows while giving. This is why the Chunk of Love heart talisman is the signature  piece of the Endless Heart jewelry collection. 

Jewelry should create this subtle extra sparkle to your style. It should feel light and make you feel dancing.

Our jewelry design is made to make you feel touched by the soul and express your individuality. Choose silver, gold and rosé tones as you like.

The Chunk of Love talisman - a timeless classic. A mix of silver and gold let‘s each color shine even more.

The peace of underwater silence - Dive into the Endless Heart Jewelry collection.

Together Forever - The Chunk of Love heart talisman in silver and gold.

La Trinité - The All the Way around necklace in a well-balanced tricolor style.

Your love is gold - The Chunk of heart talisman. Part of the Endless Heart jewelry collection

Walking on clouds - the pearl and leather choker is inspired by the female power.

A rose is a rose is a rose - The Chunk of Love heart talisman all covered in rosé goldvermeil. 

The Chunk of Love heart talisman - Mix and match silver, gold and rosé tones.

Get inspired by unique jewelry pieces that are designed by Claudia Ullrich OTRJ in Hamburg. 

Claudia Ullrich


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